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Death By Misstep is a First-Person Rhythm, Stealth and Horror game set on a party cruise where a massive massacre by robots is happening.

Play as Jessi while she tries to  survive the massacre by exploring the different locations of the boat looking for a way out. 

- Breathe to the rhythm of cruise music's beat!

Use your mobile's flash to blind robots!

- Dash a certain distance using your jet boots to dodge risks!

- Explore and be careful with the environment, you don't want to make noise that is not covered by music's beat.

Enjoy an experience full of rhythm and horror like you've never seen before.

Can you survive this cruise ship full of malfunctioning robots on a techno music fueled killing spree?

Where is Death By Misstep set?

  • Takes place on a futuristic cruise designed for party marathons
  • Unfold the mistery of why robot have gone crazy.
  • Story is told through messages you can find checking corpses' mobiles and also checking your own mobile.

Check our website:  https://deathbymisstep.com

Updated 5 days ago
StatusIn development
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AuthorMisstep Studio
Tags3D, dbm, death-by-misstep, First-Person, Horror, Robots, Stealth, Unity

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